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Reach the goals that have been so hard for you to tackle whether it be ending your love affair with sugar, reaching your ideal weight or finding more energy to get you through the week.

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Working with me means we'll collaborate to improve your relationship with food, but also the things in your life that affect your overall health.

Does stress cause you to over eat? Are your relationship woes affecting your sleep? Does your impossible schedule pull you from your exercise goals? I'll help you to identify all the aspects of your life that may be messing with your health so you can tackle them head on.

Together, we will never obsess over calories and nutrients, or map out an overly detailed diet (I hate rules anyway!). We'll discover what works for you, what feels right, and uncover a healthy life that is flexible and full of happiness.


I believe


One size does not fit all

The saying couldn't be more true for health and wellness. What works for some, may not work for others - and that's okay! The most interesting part about human-kind is that we are so unique. We'll uncover the foods and lifestyle habits that click with you.


Plants + whole foods are key

Plants and foods in their natural state are the things our bodies know how to make sense of most. They're easily digestible, give us energy and make us feel great. We'll find your faves.


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The smallest change in perspective can transform a life. What tiny adjustment might turn your world around?
— Oprah winfrey