About Karina

I'm a Health & Wellness Coach originally from Long Island, NY now living in Jersey City, or what I like to call "NYC's sixth borough." I earned my certification in Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

I'm on a mission to help people achieve the healthier life they want, and have a much more loving relationship with food. My approach? A holistic look at not just what you eat, but all the other little things going on in your everyday life that may be holding you back from reaching your happier, healthier self.


My Story

While I’ve always been lean, I often felt heavy, uncomfortable, and unhealthy in my body. I was either eating too much, too little, too much junk, or not enough vegetables and whole foods. I also was, and still can be, a “pasta monster.” I mean, who doesn’t love pasta?

At times I was obsessed with calories, what nutrients I was and wasn’t consuming and struggled with eating too much in one sitting. Any time I deviated from a new diet or rule I made for myself, I would feel guilty and swing right back into old habits (sometimes with a vengeance). I was dealing with a lot of discomfort after eating and I became exhausted both physically and mentally. In the end I was deflated and unhappy.


So what was my turning point?

I began reading Michael Pollan books, watching food documentaries and started uncovering the truth about how we humans eat. We have gotten so far from eating real food untouched by machines, and ingredients we can’t even pronounce. This inspired me to take a step back and reevaluate my relationship with food and seek out the benefits of eating more naturally. 

I was in shock at how myself and other Americans eat more ‘food-like substances,’ than real food everyday.

Knowledge became my biggest motivator. And with that I started making small changes in my routine, like cooking more at home, eating less sugar and over-processed things, and being more mindful about my cravings. Those small changes have made lasting effects. I have more energy, feel better, have less allergic reactions, and less discomfort after eating.

My habits also really started to change when I no longer looked at my favorite foods as a reward, or a support system when I was feeling down. I began to learn that the food we eat is just part of the story. When other parts of our lives aren’t full, it affects our relationship with food, our health and how we feel. This is why I became a health coach. I want to help others find their full story, what motivates them and discover a healthier lifestyle that works for them personally.



  • I am admittedly a denim monster. If it were socially acceptable to wear only denim from head to toe, I would be blissfully happy.

  • When it comes to music, I am a lover of indie, alternative, americana, classic rock, 80s synth beats and beyond.

  • Sci-fi is my jam. Other-worldly concepts like werewolves, vampires, superheroes, aliens and the like, get me going.

  • I love to travel when I can, and I especially love being in the presence of breathtaking landscapes.
  • Art museums are actually fun for me.
  • I listen to about 3 podcast episodes a day. Some of my favorites: Modern Love, Dear Sugar, Lore and Revisionist History with Malcolm Gladwell.
  • Alexa Chung is my spirit animal.


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